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Tuesday, September 01

Nothing here: please send us events if we're missing something!

Regulars and reminders
12:15 Slow Flow Yoga (Alison) @ Yoga Phnom Penh
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Vinyasa Flow slowing things down for the heat of the day!

All Levels.

1 drop in class $ 8 10 drop in class pass $ 70

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19:30 Dodgeball Night! @ PP Dodgeball Field
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Join in with Dodgeball, every Tuesday AND Thursday from July 22 from 7.30pm to 9.30pm at #55-57, Street 123 (near the Russian Market).

Starting off at 7.30pm, so arrive a bit earlier :-)

Dodgeball, a sport, a time to peg a friend or enemy, a fantastic workout and most of all the chance for triumph.

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21:00 Funk House @ Pontoon Pulse
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With Alan Ritchie and Lefty Stryker. The Best Funk House in the World.

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"Scar" by Chat Piersath @ Java Café & Gallery
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“‘Scar’ came about as the result of an impromptu residency with Chath Piersath. As we were going through older works at the gallery, he proposed to re-work them and add to their complexity or create new pieces entirely.

So, for two months he settled into one of the back rooms to do exactly that. Knowing that Chath is an articulate writer and poet I asked him to journal about his process during the residency. He is deeply honest about himself and his work.

Through the journals he offers an insight into his artistic process from the very practical challenge of finding decent paint in Phnom Penh to his philosophical struggle with nihilism.” (DL)

A selection of the new/old works together with his journals will be presented for the exhibition.

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